3D Visual Effects class review

Most of us has seen 3D movie, but I have just occasionally felt the grounds for the usage these technics. And then I got the chance to take part in a 3D effects class. That was strange at first sight to enjoy the class of Péter Deák in comfortable armchair instead of school chairs in a studio in Budaörs.

The subject was 3D filmmaking. Péter started with technical information, which I didn’t quite understood at first, but he didn’t leave me unsatisfied with my questions, he always show a short example to demonstrate for example the connection between 3D googles and projectors, so I understood it clearly.

In the second half of the class he presented about their work at the Sysplex Film. They primarily get involved with three dimensional movies, so they showed us the first Hungarian 3D short movie titled as Choice. They also make advertisements and built camera systems. This part of the class was the most exciting experience of my semester. I was way far to realize that there is even some company in Hungary who represents this segment of the movie industry. This clarified the actual usage of three dimensional technics.

If a movie is made in 3D at the beginning this method can be a very usable tool in the hand of the director, like the colors to accomplish his or her vision. The whole composition changes, the light and porkoláb mátéshadow effects, they got a way wider range. It is very inspiriting to think about the very precise engineer work to design the 3D camera systems and to think about the even more complex movies production. I hope soon they will start to produce a 90 minutes long film; I am looking forward to it.

Máté Porkoláb (Budapest Film Academy – ELTE)

Nowadays a movie – if we don’t even notice at first – cannot be without visual effect. So it is not only interesting and wise, nevertheless necessary for a director to get a closer look of those technical possibilities. This is important for several reasons: in some cases a few hours can be saved by a half minute work, in the extreme a couple of days even can be saved which means a lot of money. On the other hand there is other perspective causing not to take the same shot, because “we’ll fix in it in post”. It is important to know about the possibilities. We had the chance to look in this world by the invitation to Budapest Film Academy VFX course, thanks for Jenő Hódi.

In a lot of school they only talk about software and its possibilities. I am not against the usage of presentations, but we got here what we need. The classes are held in the Sysplex Studio, managed by Péter Deák. Today’s class was about 3D effects. Péter leaded us effectively and clearly in the process of 3D technics with several examples. He pointed our attention about the possible faults and shared a lot of tips and tricks. We got a summary about the different 3D technics about their advantages and disadvantages, which is important, because if we don’t know about the preps in advance on a shooting and the tools for that, it might cause a lot of problems later on.

Péter owns his self-designed and advanced 3D rig (which is the 3rd generation in use) and a lot of production rents from him, I think we can be sure he has a lot of experience and worth to listen what he talks about.

I appreciated the most he took extra time to explain the origins of the tricks and effects to show us their working method. I have never thought about connection between the anaglyph 3D googles the polar filters and the tricks of the old movies. We got even taught how to make 3D movie at home with two komjáthy szilárdprojectors and a polar filter which caused a great surprise for all of us. I hope I will make experience with this later because I got very curious.)

Thanks for the course for Jenő and naturally the class for Péter.

Szilárd Komjáthy

A very favorable practice of Jenő Hódi to give opportunity to joy some classes for students who do not officially listed for that particular class and which might be interesting for those students. This happened with us, we could participate the 3D and visual effects class of Péter Deák in the Sysplex Studio. The scene already was very inspiriting, much better than in a regular classroom. The most interesting was, that the three hours class just flew away in a minute, if I had to stay for three more hours I wouldn’t notice it. This sums all up.

During the class we got a glimpse of the image crating methods of our brain and eyes and the techniques of the 3D world (from the beginning till the latest ones). We also learned some tricks and interesting facts about the Great train robbery and Sherlock Holmes 2. I also know already what kind of 3D TV worth to buy or how can I install 3D movie room at home with 2 projectors. One of my classmates might even try this one immediately. Well, I wish he succeed and without any pushing I hope he invites me when it is ready.

One could represent a topic either very boring or awfully inexplicably. But Péter Deák’s presentation was peter engelmannvery plain and exciting; no wonder the time flew away. Although I like 3D movies, visual effects and their technique, in September I was hesitating to take this class. After this event I took a great fancy to make up this fault of mine at the next semester. Thank you for this opportunity for Jenő and the great class for Péter.

Peter Engelmann (Budapest Film Academy student)