Basic Production Studies Course

I am a student at the „DIRECTING” and the „BASIC PRODUCTION STUDIES” courses at the Budapest Film Academy.

The up-to-date, practical lectures are so good sometimes that I feel sorry for not having all my film maniac friends sitting next to me in the classes. The high standard is not surprising since the courses are held by as good lecturers as Judit Tóth (the former assistant of Miklós Jancsó) or Jenő Hódi (an American-Hungarian filmmaker graduated at Columbia University).

For example the last „BUDGET AND PREPARATION OF A COMMERCIAL” class was held by line producer, György Czutor. The lecture was based on actual, up-to-date information (partly on the present tender of Budapest Bank’s campaign with the guy in roller-skates)

I have made several commercials before, or got into a situation where I had to solve some problems of different phases of the commercials.

We have talked about the different steps of the making of commercials, including the initial phase (the procurers’ needs, hiring creative agencies, the elaboration of a creative idea, etc.)  After this the preparation of the production came up;

  • developing a storyboard,
  • researching different production companies and producers,
  • pricing the different scenes according to the storyboard,
  • tendering,
  • timing.

Also we have talked about;

  • the actors’ salaries,
  • the directors’ fee,
  • the different licenses of drone-flying, and shooting with drone,
  • and the territory booking in case of exterior shootings.

I was already interested in the class, but seeing György Czutor being just as professional as easy-going and modest just made it all that better. In the movie (especially commercial) business there are a lot of egomaniacs. It was refreshing to learn from a man who is delivering timely knowledge, has professional references, but at the same time doesn’t have a high-and-mighty attitude and has a good sense of humor as well.

Bálint Matis (BFA)