Budapest Film Academy and Eötvös Loránd University


With more than 380 years of experience, Eötvös Loránd University is the oldest continuously operating university in Hungary, and it is one of Europe largest and most significant educational institutions.

Budapest Film Academy (BFA) andkép1 Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have joined forces offering practical film studies to students who aspire to become industry professionals. This partnership provides students with high quality, comprehensive filmmaking training. The courses can be claimed as practical courses of the   ELTE BA or ELTE filmmaking MA degrees.

BFA’s practical courses perfectly complement ELTE’s internationally respected film curriculum. Alongside BFA’s hands-on, business-oriented film program, our students can choose from a wide variety of theoretical courses from ELTE’s film division, such as film history, aesthetics, and critical studies.

The courses of the Academy are held on the ELTE-BTK campus, and the practical portion is taught in a professional environment, at the Hungarian film industry’s most modern production and post-production houses.



The soul of every educational institution is the faculty; the proficiency of the staff determines the level of the education. That is why we BFA’s faculty is composed of both highly qualified academic scholars and leading figures and award winner artists from the Hungarian and foreign film industry. These professionals lend not only their knowledge and mentorship to students, but also their extensive personal networks.


In addition to the joint program of BFA and ELTE, every year our students can participate in “masters of cinema” workshops organized by the Hungarian National Film Fund. Past masters who have taught workshops include Oliver Stone, Joe Eszterhas, Alan Parker, Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Laurie Hutzler, István Szabó and Nimród Antal.




In accordance with our agreements with our partner universities, we accept each other’s courses, promote student exchanges, and allow our students to participate in our partners’ courses and programs. BFA also facilitates semester-long exchange programs with our partner institutions in Hungary and abroad.