Producing Course

Budapest Film Academy’s fall semester of Creative Producing- Line Producing course has ended. During this semester, we had an overall insight into what the producer `s role is in a film project. The course`s important part was that we had several teachers, therefore, we had the opportunity to study a producer’s job from different aspects in every class. Among the teachers, we had such names as Jenő Hódi, András Muhi, Gábor Kovács, Zsuzsa Gurbán, Gabriella Winkler, and György Czutor.

Jenő Hódi, director/producer and the founder of Budapest Film Academy, presented for us how the international film bussiness and coproductions work, he talked about film-financing opportunities, various taxreliefs and tenders. We had an insight into the Hollywood producing system, and we learned how to pitch a film idea.

András Muhi talked about the Hungarian film industry situation, the new film supporting system, and about the process of submitting tenders. He told us his success story with Benedek Fliegauf, and how he tried to mark out from the international film festivals with his films, successfully, as he won the Berlinale’s Silver Bear prize. Besides this, he spoke about the financing methods of low-budget films and about copyrights, too.

In the lecture of Gábor Kovács we could learn about the major differences between the work of Hungarian and foreign producers, we talked about the producer career options in nowadays Hungary and about how producers should present themselves.

We could learn from György Czutor, line producer, how to count the budget of a film, how to compile the production plan, and he also introduced the various scopes of activities in a crew.

Zsuzsa Gurbán, assistant director, who also worked with Steven Spielberg, talked about the importance of cooperation among the assistant director, the producer and the line producer, how the assistant director is selected for a production, and what the exact work of an assistant director.

Gabriella Winkler gave a very interesting lecture about how important the process of scripting is, how the technical preparations happen, and how to ensure for the director and the editor that it fits in continuity.fiu2

The last class of the semester, with Gyögy Czutor, was dedicated to the making of commercials, since we close the semester with shooting commercials for Men’s Health and for Sony.

Tibor Tudor