Ron Howard Master Class

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to sit in on the recent Master Class Lecture with Director and former actor Ron Howard. Having “grown up” with Ron Howard’s films, I was particularly eager to hear him speak and learn a bit more about the career choices he had made along the way, and how he was able to achieve his current notoriety.

I am sure that he has been asked many times throughout the years about how his career began; what it was like to work as a child actor, and becoming a fixed part of American film history. He answered these questions, and more, with a fresh, personal touch. He really listened and really provided useful, detailed answers to all questions presented to him. In other words, he took an interest in answering all the questions in a sincere detailed manner and was really open about his experiences, both in front of and behind the camera.

Mr. Howard’s love of film making really came though, as well as his respect and admiration for the multitude of great actors and directors he has had the opportunity to work with during his career.

Being able to be a part of this Master Class was definitely for me a Budapest Film Image may contain: 1 personAcademy highlight.

Best Regards,

John Brooks
San Diego, Ca. USA

Ron Howard and Ridley Scott Master Classes

As graduates of the MA program of ELTE and Budapest Film Academy, we had the great chance to attend the lectures of the important directors, Ridley Scott and Ron Howard. Both filmmakers gave very interesting comments regarding their experience as directors and their filmmaking techniques.

In the case of Ridley Scott, he emphasized on the importance of visual style as he started his career as photographer and he studied painting and visual arts. He talked a lot about the importance of editing and the recreation of the whole story during this part of the production.  He also mentioned his preferable techniques of shooting with plural cameras in order not to “over-burn” the actors with many takes. He explained how he gives the freedom to the actors in order to bring their interpretation of the characters, and that it can be better than asking them specifically how he wants them to act.

Ron Howard started his career as an actor had a different approach giving a lot of importance on working with the actors. His personal experience being an actor himself gave him better understanding as a director in terms of knowing how to work with his cast. For Ron Howard, the visual style serves each time the different story of each project. The most important element is the story; it has to “speak” to the director. He also pointed out the power of “based on real events” films. He mentioned that a film based on real event can be even more spectacular and interesting than a pure fiction. In any case, each project even if it is inspired or based on a real story, it is an adaptation and an interpretation of the director.

All in all, both lectures gave a lot of essential information on how these important laura paweldirectors work. As ELTE and Budapest Film Academy graduates, we really appreciated the opportunity to be a part of these lectures and had the chance to take as many advises as possible from such great filmmakers.

Laoura & Pavel