Ferenc Lukács

Sound mixer, sound engineer. He completed his studies in California at The Los Angeles Recording School (LARS), at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), then at Paramount’s, Todd-AO’s and many other studios’ classes. For nearly 20 years, he has been the sound editor and mixer of several American television and radio programs, commercials and movies. Currently, he is working at Hungary’s leading post facilities doing VO/ADR and Foley recording, sound design, editing and mixing for short and long format film, TV and online media. MORE



Mac Ruth

He completed his studies at the The Department of Radio-Television-Film at Austin’s world-famous university, the University of Texas. He worked on more than 50 feature and television films along with many commercials and documentaries. He became known as the sound editor of such productions as World War Z, Hellboy 2, The Rite, Spartacus or the television series Birdsong that was nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2012 in the category of “Best Sound”. MORE