Admission information

Application for the 2021 Fall semester

Application deadline: August 31, 2021 (However, if a course is full, we will not accept further application. Therefore, the earlier, the better.)

Application form including prices, description of the courses.

1. Application procedure

The Budapest Film Academy is an international institute; therefore, its application process is carried out via internet. This means that our prospective students do not have to personally appear for a traditional entrance examination.

Prospective students should send an email (with the subject “BFA application”) to the admission@budapestfilmacademy.com address. Please fill out and attach to this email an application form.

We will send a reply email within three workdays, confirming the application.

Those students who need help with their visa application, they have to transfer a fee of 199 Euros to the bank account specified in this reply email. (If the student is admitted, we will deduct this fee from their tuition, but if the student is not accepted into our program, the evaluation fee will be returned. However, if the prospective student withdraws his/her application, does not get a visa, or does not continue with the application process, the evaluation fee will not be refunded.)

Students must write their name on the bank transfer slip, so that the Academy can see the origin of the sum, and can begin preparing the necessary the documents.

2. Payment of the tuition and other information

After receiving the application form the Budapest Film Academy will inform the students in an email about the beginning of their studies, the payment of the tuition and other important information.

Tuition fee payment:

Tuition fees can be paid only by transfer. Our bank account number will be given in the email. It is possible to pay with two installments. The first payment is due five days before the beginning of the studies and the second payment is due before the completion of the sixth week of the studies. If payment is completed in two installments, there is an additional charge of 5%.