Film language from the filmmaker’s POV

5It is essential for filmmakers to understand story structure, dramaturgical principles, and the background of both artistic and technical choices. That’s what this course is all about.

Via in-class film screenings and follow-up discussions and presentations, this class analyzes different film structures and the trend-setting elements of cinema. Students learn how to convey crucial information visually and how to enhance drama through the structure of cause and effect. They also learn what makes scenes and movies credible and complex.

Students get to know how a cinematographer augments the vision of the director and how a story is told by using images without dialogue. The different cinematographic styles and tasks are illustrated through specific examples.



By analyzing film rhythm, students will learn about the editing techniques that best match different dramatic structures. The class will see examples of dramatic montage, parallel editing, and excitement-increasing editing.

When examining sound and music, the focus is on their dramatic power and their role in storytelling and character forming.
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