Our pledge to prospective students


The BFA faculty also provides active help for the student films. In the Cinematography course they talk through the films’ storyboards. In the Screenwriting class they discuss the script. They analyze the film’s concept and realization in the Directing class, and in the Producing course they review the production’s problems and possible solutions. But filming is done independently by the students.


In addition to shooting their own films, students have opportunities to participate in the production of professional commercials. These commercials are created for such well-known brands as Sony, MOL, Metropol, Interpress Magazin, and Marquard Media (the publisher of Playboy, Joy, CKM, Men’s Health, and many others), and they will be presented on the Internet and/or on television.

The aim of Budapest Film Academy is to equip students with real experiences and to help them acquire knowledge about how professional filmmakers work. We also feel it is important to bring students of different training modules together to help them create friendships and form a creative community.




Filmmaking is among the most appealing professions in the world. As such, the road to success in this field is difficult and competitive, and the pressure is enormous. However, if navigated properly, the rewards are numerous, and can provide both creative satisfaction and significant income.



In order to succeed, students need to channel their drive and determination into acquiring an understanding of the industry and the global marketplace, and into gaining comprehensive filmmaking skills and international connections. They must also become world-class storytellers with a distinct artistic voice. And from day one, those things are exactly what Budapest Film Academy and Eötvös Loránd University help our students to obtain.



In summary, we pledge to provide our students with all the tools they need — but the building is up to them. We emphasize that their attitude monitors their talent — therefore we are looking forward to having in our academy enthusiastic and motivated young filmmakers who are determined to make their cinematic dreams come true.


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