Budapest Film Academy (BFA) / Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

ELTE’s Faculty of Film Studies has joined forces with the Budapest Film Academy (BFA) in the creation of the diverse practical filmmaking curriculum. The Faculty of Film Studies supervises the BFA courses, while ELTE provides ECTS credits for them. This cooperation enables not only ELTE students to attend BFA courses, but students from other Universities as well, who may transfer the credits gained here if their studies are similar.

The transfer of credits is possible thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This new system was introduced to the members of the European Union, with the aim of improving transferability between different studies and institutions within the EU.

This system makes BFA courses available to the following groups of students:

– Students enrolled in ELTE programs
– Guest students from other institutions who wish to receive some ELTE / BFA training
– Students not enrolled in any institution, with high-school diplomas and/or BA/BS degrees

ELTE students

ELTE students who currently study at programs and majors related to Film Studies (BA Liberal Arts – Film Major, BA Liberal Arts – BA Film Minor, MA Film Studies) may enroll in our courses as part of their core studies, as long as their major optional credit limit allows it. All other ELTE students can enroll while they have optional credits available. In all cases, students must pay an equipment fee.

Guest students

Students enrolled in other Hungarian or foreign Universities can attend our single- or multiple-semester long programs, or can apply to join individual courses. After successful completion, they can transfer their credits into their original studies. According to ECTS regulations, the original (sending) institution is obliged to accept the course as long as it is possible in its own training to attend a similar course, when its curriculum covers at least 75% of the BFA courses. (This decision is up to the sending institution’s Credit Transfer Committee.)

To be a guest student, and to be able to transfer credits, the following key documents are necessary:

The course catalogue of ELTE and other documents additionally required by the sending institution. We advise students to find out which courses can be accepted by their institution in advance.

The ELTE Learning Agreement, which is a tripartite agreement between the student, the sending institution and the ELTE, representing the BFA. On this formal document, the student indicates which courses he/she would like to attend, and for how many credits.

The ELTE Transcript of Records, which is a formal document certifying the completion of the BFA courses, along with the received marks and number of credits.
The administration and paperwork is the responsibility of the student, and can be settled with the sending institution’s Credit Transfer Committee.

Students not enrolled in any University

For those who are not currently enrolled in any University, the minimum requirement for application is high-school graduation or an equivalent foreign degree. The application is followed by our entrance examination procedure, during which we will determine whether the student is qualified to attend our courses.

During their studies, these students do not establish a legal relationship with ELTE. They pay their tuition fees to the BFA, for which they receive certification from the BFA after the completion of the courses. If they enroll in any Hungarian or foreign University, and want to transfer their credits given for BFA courses, ELTE will issue a credit certification upon their request. Students must ask for the ECTS credits from the Academy when they apply or once they start the course (the latest).

Education without ECTS credits

Students may apply for non-credit courses, which are essentially the same as those that award credits. The only difference is that after completion of these courses, no ELTE ECTS credits are issued. Instead, students leave with a BFA certificate. This form of education is cheaper, due to reduced administration costs. If students taking non-credit courses need credit for them at a later date, they can get their ELTE credit certificate after paying the extra administration fee. The Budapest Film Academy always accepts non-credit courses and allows students who have completed those courses to progress to the next level of their chosen module.