Screenwriter – Dramaturge




The importance of the screenplay in filmmaking cannot be overstated. To paraphrase a popular saying: it’s possible to make a bad film from a good script, but impossible to make a good film from a bad script. But even before the cameras roll, it’s nearly impossible to get financing and cast in place if the script doesn’t sizzle.



In our Screenwriting classes, students explore the writing process in depth, from concept through final draft. Using both the student’s writing and that of the masters of cinema, we discuss story structure, theme, genre, creating tension and conflict, handling exposition, storytelling through dialogue and action, and perfecting pace within well-constructed scenes,
sequences, and acts.


We also cover archetypes, the hero’s journey, and other useful concepts within the world of story.

Hand-on exercises give students the opportunity to try their hand at creating characters and dramatizing conflicts in various formats, and group tasks help foster their ability to create and develop stories within teams.



All of this is taught within our brand’s framework: as both an art and a business. BFA students learn to craft a screenplay that will stand on its own artistically while also distinguishing itself within a competitive marketplace — by appealing to actors, directors, producers, and investors. At the same time, they refine their skills in creating the supporting materials they’ll need to sell their script: the logline, synopsis, one-page, and more.

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