Student Blogs

Loyola Marymount students’ directing class with Alexis Latham

I had two directing lectures with Alexis Latham and he showed us a variety of different exercises, but my favorite was walking around the room. When we walked around the room in two groups, Alexis gave each group a different type of tension to hold and then made us interact with  scripted dialogue. This exercise helped me feel how simple dialogue can be interpreted differently with varied tensions, and also how timing can be altered very easily by directing someone to hold a specific type of tension. Further, it added a lot of body language that I would have had trouble explaining if it weren’t for the names of tensions.


Shooting shortfilms

My film is in pre-production! It’s still hard to believe, this is the dream of every writer, and now what I’ve been working and learning for is becoming a reality. I needed luck and had to be in the right place at the right time, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But what I really needed is a great start, a good base, what I got first at ELTE’s aesthetics department, and later at Budapest Film Academy’s screenwriting course.


A lecture with Jonathan Halperyn

During the fall we had a chance to hear some insights about how the Hollywood studio system works. Our guest teacher at Budapest Film Academy was Jonathan Halperyn who was the Managing Director of Focus Features International which is an independent studio that released films like Lost in Translation, Brokeback Mountain or Cloud Atlas.


A lecture with Krisztina Goda

Who says only men can be successful in the film industry? Who says they are more heavy-duty when it comes to long days of shooting and coordinating a crew of over a hundred people? Well, Krisztina Goda surely broke those stereotypes. The famous director, whose films include Children of Glory and Just Sex and Nothing Else, gave a lecture at Budapest Film Academy to us, directing students. Days before class, we got an e-mail reminding us to watch Annie Hall from Woody Allen, even if we have already seen it. I admit that doing homework is not one of my strengths, but I knew that this time I cannot evade it.


A lecture with Paul Chitlik

This year’s Sitcom Writing class organized by Budapest Film Academy, held by the experienced screenwriter, Paul Chitlik along with eight of his students from Loyola Marymount University (LMU), was a unique opportunity to learn about the so-called writer’s room method which is the accepted developing method for TV shows all over the US.


A lecture with Péter Miskolczi

Budapest Film Academy invites lecturers on a regular basis. Yesterday’s guest was Péter Miskolczi, who held a nearly three-hour exciting and powerful lecture on the possibilities in filmmaking. Péter Miskolczi is a multiple award winner Hungarian producer, member of The European Film Academy (EFA), Head of Sundance Central-European Workshop. He has been producer of numerous Hungarian films and co-operations, such as Taxidermia, Asterix and Obelixin Britain, Copying Beethoven, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.


 A lecture with Róbert Koltai

The first time I saw him, was at the garden of ELTE-BTK while he was talking to Jenő Hódi. Quickly I turned to my friends, and just like an enthusiastic fan, I whispered ‘He is finally here!’. Róbert Koltai is a Jászai Mari award winner actor, director, writer who held a lecture for the students of the Budapest Film Academy majored in directing.


A lecture about the horror genre

Budapest Film Academy offered a free lecture in the topic of the horror genre. If we learn the clichés and stylistic features we learn a lot about horror films in general.


Budapest Film Academy – thoughts and experiences

As a master student at Eötvös Loránd University’s Film Studies Department I could gain a good insight of film theory and film history but only briefly did I learn about filmmaking in practice. I was interested in filmmaking, and I have been writing scripts already, but like other shy writers I wouldn’t dare to step up and be in the spotlight. I was afraid I am not good enough; my stories wouldn’t be interesting to anyone. On the other hand, I knew if I don’t try, I will never find out what I am capable of. That was when I saw a script writing scholarship application of the Budapest Film Academy (BFA) and I decided to take a brave step. I submitted for the autumn semester one of my scripts which I wrote earlier during the summer.


 3D Visual Effects lecture

A very favorable practice of Jenő Hódi to give opportunity to joy some classes for students who do not officially listed for that particular class and which might be interesting for those students. This happened with us, we could participate the 3D and visual effects class of Péter Deák in the Sysplex Studio. The scene already was very inspiriting, much better than in a regular classroom. The most interesting was, that the three hours class just flew away in a minute, if I had to stay for three more hours I wouldn’t notice it. This sums all up.


Shooting of the Sony commercial

Budapest Film Academy teamed up with Sony, and announced a commercial contest to popularize the new SONY NEX-R5 camera. After selecting the best screenplay for the commercial, BFA students could participate in the competition with their own directing conceptions.


Engaging characters lecture

It was great pleasure for me to attend the lecture about “Writing, Directing, Creating Engaging Characters”, especially, that concerns the analysis of the characters of “The Silence of the Lambs”.During the lecture I experienced the atmosphere of the film again, and the great, peculiar acting of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins.