Study abroad with Budapest Film Academy

k5Budapest Film Academy and Eötvös Loránd University invites students to Budapest for a spring, or fall semester that will count towards their undergraduate or graduate degrees.

We offer, in English, a wide range of film courses with extensive practical training, as well as many film aesthetic, analysis, and history courses. We actively help students to improve their communication skills, understand different viewpoints, manage conflicts, and master leadership. These practical courses are taught by internationally successful professionals, and include exposure to the most modern production and post-production houses in Hungary.


Students may apply for non-credit courses, which are essentially the same as those that award credits. The only difference is that after completion of these courses, no ELTE ECTS credits are issued. Instead, students leave with a Budapest Film Academy Certificate. This form of education is cheaper, due to reduced administration costs.

As the filmmaking world gets more and more global, the best film schools are adapting. Many offer their students the possibility to study abroad for a semester, enriching their students’ college and life experience. Budapest Film Academy along with Eötvös Loránd University represents this next step in the globalization.



The transfer of credits from completed BFA courses is possible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The ECTS was designed to create an open and unified European educational system. It improves the acknowledgement of international studies in higher education and measures the scholastic record of students who are studying in different European countries.

ELTE’s Faculty of Film Studies supervises the BFA courses and is therefore able to provide ECTS credits for them.

This cooperation enables not only ELTE students to attend BFA courses, but students from other universities as well, who may transfer the credits gained here if their studies are similar.