Tuition Fee

1. The structure and basic fee for a semester

• A full semester consists of six courses. If a student chooses all six courses, he/she will become a full-time student, and will get an approximately 25% discount compared to the six individual course prices.

• The courses can also be taken individually according to the students’ specific interests. In this case, their prices vary according to the equipment used.


2. Tuition fees according to the status of the student

• The Budapest Film Academy created two main price categories, according to whether the student participates in the ECTS-accredited or in the non-accredited training.

You may consider our ECTS-accredited theoretical and practical courses and semester prices as a basic fee. Students who do not require ECTS credits receive a 25% discount from the basic fee (due to reduced administration costs).

For a detailed price list see: Application form including prices and description of the courses.