Student of the Budapest Film Academy on set

Budapest Film Academy (BFA) has fully integrated its curriculum with ELTE’s Department of Film Studies. Upon request, ELTE provides official ECTS University credits for all the BFA courses. This allows students to transfer the credits gained with us to ELTE or other Universities if their studies there are similar. This collaboration also presents an opportunity for our students for an undergradutate and graduate film training program in English and Hungarian, and achieving ELTE’s prestigious Bachelor and Master degree. For this, students has to be enrolled in ELTE’s program as well.


The transfer of credits is possible thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system was introduced to the members of the European Union, with the aim of improving transferability between different studies and institutions within the EU. Our two year practical program specializes in narrative fiction filmmaking, from script to screen. The intensive nature of this practical course demands 100% of the student’s time and commitment.

All of our teachers are currently working, experienced filmmakers. They will teach the standards for getting involved in the international audiovisual industry and will expect students to apply those in their work and attitude. The students will work collaboratively with the teachers on all of their filmmaking activities. Student films will be crewed by fellow students and supervised by BFA teachers and management. 


Our teachers will present the process of filmmaking in its diverse and multifaceted nature, where the various work processes not only build upon each other, but tie into one complex operation. They teach that the deeper an understanding one gains of this system, the more efficient one becomes. Theories will be transformed into reality via empirical training, demonstrations and workshops – through these we give our students immediate experience.

Cinematography class at BFA

Finally, our school’s basic attitude is to presents film as show business. We will educate our students about the business of film, and all of the major economical and market factors that bear upon it.


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